Infrared Thermal Imaging Temperature Measurement system


Function:Infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement
Description:Thermal imaging temperature measurement camera is a visible light plus infrared thermal imaging device.
Features:Non-contact temperature measurement, alarm for abnormal temperature


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Remote temperature measurement/ Simultaneously measure 30 people/ 0.1 second quick passing

C195 Thermography camera

Remote temperature measurement/ Simultaneously measure 30 people0.1 second quick passing

Core features:Remote temperature measurement, High Accuracy +-0.3 ℃, 0.1s detect, Automatic alarm, Real-time monitoring, temperature records export

Core features:

Remote temperature measurement     High Accuracy +-0.3 ℃      0.1s detect     Automatic alarm      

Real-time monitoring    temperature records export

Abnormal temperature alarm, Apply for large people flow places

Abnormal temperature alarm     

Apply for large people flow places

Voice Announcements    abnormal temperature

Efficient Control | 0.1s detecting | no need for waiting

Efficient Control | 0.1s detecting | no need for waiting  

 0.1s quick temperature detecting | 30 people simultaneous detect | 1080P high resolution | +-0.3 ℃ remote temperature measurement

Efficient Control | 0.1s detecting | no need for waiting

Simultaneously detect 30 people at most                                    Measurement distance can reach 1.5-3.5m

High efficient temperature measurement camera, apply for different Scenarios


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