QR code scanning biometric time attendance terminal

Model: P108


Application scenarios
It is suitable for office area, hotel, passageway gate, office building, school, shopping mall, store, community, public service and management project, etc.

QR code scanning, WiFi, touch screen, swipe card, doorbell, time attendance, whitelist, visitor appointment, access control, device viewing records


Product video


8 inch Touch screen wifi face recognition access control QR code scanning biometric Time attendance terminal

Product description

8 inch touch access control machine, using industry-leading visible light + near-infrared binocular camera design, relying on deep learning face recognition technology, applying the industry’s top live detection algorithm, and providing face recognition identity access authority management On the basis of accurate prevention of live anti-counterfeiting such as photos, videos, and facial images. Optional capacitive multi-touch touch screen, built-in under-screen IC card reader, support: IC card, face, IC card + face recognition and other application modes, support QR code scanning (QR code opening, etc.) ) Full access to management personnel.

Main features

·Support binocular live detection

·Supports movement and face tracking exposure of people in strong backlight environment

·Unique face recognition algorithm, accurate face recognition, face recognition time is less than 0.3s

·Built-in domestic CPU

·Using LINUX operating system, the system is stable

·H.265 encoding format video stream is directly connected to storage devices such as NVR through ONVIF protocol and GB28181 protocol

·Support TF card expansion storage, continuous storage of pictures for 1 year, continuous storage of videos for 1 month or longer

·Mean time between failures MTBF>50000h

·Supports up to 30,000 face comparison libraries and 80,000 recognition records

·Rich interface protocols, supporting TCP/IP, UDP, RTP, RTSP, RTCP, HTTP, DNS, DDNS, DHCP, SMTP, UPNP, MQTT protocols under Windows/Linux and other platforms

·Working temperature: -20℃-60℃

·Ultra-thin body, exquisite industrial design

·Support anti-dismantling alarm

·Support video cloud intercom

·Support front-end touch screen personnel registration, equipment configuration, information query

·Support splicing structure to expand functions such as QR code reading, ID card reading, 4G communication, temperature measurement, etc.

·Support microphone input audio, speaker output audio

·Abundant hardware interfaces (I/O, WG26, WG34, RJ45, USB, door sensor, doorbell, door opening, alarm, RS485)

·8-inch IPS full viewing angle high-definition display, no image smear, no delay

·Automatic gain, automatic white balance, so that the true color of the image can be restored naturally

·Built-in black light sensor for video surveillance, low-light recognition is more accurate

·3D noise reduction and fog penetration technology make the monitoring picture under low illumination more clear and delicate

·Support partial shielding of video area

·Support ROI coding

·Automatic white balance, manual white balance

·Support 2D noise reduction, 3D noise reduction

·Support video brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, gamma adjustment

·Support setting the longest automatic exposure time

·Support smart face exposure and face smart enhancement settings

Face recognition access control QR code scanning biometric attendance terminal

Face recognition access control QR code scanning biometric attendance terminal

Face recognition access control QR code scanning biometric attendance terminal

Face recognition access control QR code scanning biometric attendance terminal





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