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【Specifications P102】10.1 inch touch screen access control Product



Applicable scene

Widely used in office buildings, schools, communities, factory parks, construction sites, shopping malls, hospitals, subway stations, etc.

product description

10.1 inch touch access control machine, using industry-leading visible light + near-infrared binocular camera design, relying on deep learning face recognition technology, applying the industry’s top live detection algorithm, and providing face recognition identity access authority management On the basis of accurate prevention of live anti-counterfeiting such as photos, videos, and facial images. Optional capacitive multi-touch touch screen, built-in under-screen IC card reader, support: IC card, face, IC card + face recognition and other application modes, support QR code scanning (QR code opening, etc.) ) Full access to management personnel.

Time attendance and AI face recognition, Touch Screen Access Control Terminal, AI infrared temperature measurement terminal leader.

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