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【Specifications GK728】EU Health QR Code Reader Digital Green Pass Scanner device

Application scenarios

Widely used in office buildings, communities, factory parks, construction sites, hospitals, subway stations and other fields

Product features

The flat panel face recognition terminal adopts a full aluminium alloy shell; 8" LCD display, binocular RGB + infrared camera; with a stable and reliable linux system, and provides a wealth of interface protocols to facilitate customer access to various platforms. The whole product has its own PC web management background, supporting Windows, Mac OS, Linux, platform end through the browser, to achieve equipment maintenance, time settings, network settings, algorithm parameter settings, face entry, punch card record export and other functions.

Product Benefits

1、A variety of release conditions, to avoid a single function.

2、Passage record export, the perfect solution to the problem of public places in and out of registration.

3、Equipment integrated, easy to install, to meet a variety of installation requirements.

4、Add white list function, avoiding staff to repeat the scanning code operation every time they enter and leave, brush the face to get the health code information.

5、IP65 waterproof grade

Time attendance and AI face recognition, Touch Screen Access Control Terminal, AI infrared temperature measurement terminal leader.

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