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【Specifications C192】Face recognition sensorless contrast capture dome camera

Product Features:

Professional intelligent functions

-Imbedded intelligent deep learning face algorithm, which extracts target features by itself and forms deep face images available for learning.

-Support front-end face comparison, support detection, tracking, capture, scoring, feature extraction, identification of moving faces, and output optimal face comparison results.

-support a variety of face capture modes: fast, interval, after leaving (with: distance selection, quality selection) and other face capture modes, the number of captures can be set.

-Support face area identification, area shielding, list management, alarm settings, comparison records and other parameters settings.

-Support up to 32 face detections per frame; support face detection between 30*30-500*500 pixels.

-supporting face picture and original picture uploading with adjustable quality of face picture coding

-supporting the management of up to 3 face banks, supporting up to 22400 face banks; supporting multiple arming time

period settings

-Support the storage space of total face library up to 16GB, single face support 150*150-960*960 pixels interval.

-Support black and white list comparison, VIP list library comparison, non-face library person identification, complete alarm output.

-Support face intelligent exposure mode, wide dynamic range up to 120dB, the face is still clearly visible in strong backlight

-Face capture scenes for backlight environment and ordinary environment, respectively, with two modes of backlight scenes and ordinary scenes can be set;

-Built-in electric lens zoom lens, with a wide dynamic range of 120dB, faces are still clearly visible in strong backlight

-Built-in electric lens zoom lens, easy to operate and smooth zoom process.

-Built-in high-efficiency infrared array lamp, low power consumption, with ICR infrared filter, automatically switch color/black mode, to achieve day and night uninterrupted capture.

-Support Smart IR, through intelligent adjustment of the brightness curve, so as to prevent a block of image overexposure and a block of image underexposure and other phenomena.

-The lens can be optional 8mm lens capture distance is 2-3 meters, 16mm lens capture distance is 4-6 meters, 25mm lens

capture distance is 7-10 meters

General Functions

-Up to 2 megapixel resolution (1920 x 1080) and 30fps real-time image output at this resolution for smoother images

-Progressive scan CMOS, capture motion images without jaggies

-Adopt the latest standard H.265+ video compression technology, high compression ratio, accurate and stable code stream control

-Built in automatic day and night type dual filter switching mechanism, with manual or automatic color to black and other switching methods

-Support intelligent coding, support up to 4 ROI region of interest

-Support intelligent control, one key control alarm switch, fault clearance

-Support intelligent out-of-focus detection, and support two types of tips: screen output, associated with the movement of

the alarm output

-Support digital wide dynamic, 3D digital noise reduction function

-With a variety of white balance mode, suitable for a variety of scenes

-Support standard 128G Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC card storage

-Support Onvif protocol, GB28181 -Support DC 12V

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