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Compare the functional types of face recognition access control machines to facilitate correct product selection

Release Time: 2021-01-22

Under the objective background of continuous improvement in the production process of access control products, the intelligent access control system based on face recognition technology will naturally achieve remarkable results in different application scenarios. Whether it is community management or enterprise attendance, it has now been face recognition access control machine is the first choice.

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This alone is enough to show that the application of face recognition technology has become an inevitable trend. However, in the product selection process, it is still necessary to compare the functional types of target products from different angles. So as to provide data and information reference for the selection of favorite access control products, after all, the functional gap between similar products still exists objectively.

Considering that we are still in the epidemic prevention and control period, all aspects of access control management requirements are particularly stringent. At this time, if there is no trusted access control system, the overall efficiency of access control work cannot be improved. In fact, it is only necessary to in-depth and meticulous face recognition access control If you understand the machine, you will find that not only the function is powerful enough, but also the management efficiency can be easily improved in the actual use process.

As long as the input of facial information is completed in the early stage, the subsequent management will basically be in a state of automation and intelligence. It is a wise move to improve the working conditions and environment of access control management.

In general, although today's access control systems are of different types, the enhancement of functions has formed a unified understanding in the industry. After increasing the application of face recognition technology, the level of access control management under the same conditions has also been achieved.

In this case, we should have an in-depth understanding of the product performance and functional characteristics of the access control machine from different channels, so as to make a selection decision that meets the management needs. I believe that this is also of great benefit to give full play to the product's own functional advantages.


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