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Demonstrate the convenience of face recognition thermometer

Release Time:2021-01-12

As the prevention and control measures of the new crown pneumonia epidemic gradually become normal, the prevention and control pressure in public places is bound to increase suddenly, and body temperature testing is naturally essential as a prevention and control method. At this time, the demand for temperature measuring instruments will increase accordingly. In fact, for public places and residential communities, thermal imaging thermometers can withstand scrutiny and meet the needs of diversified applications in terms of practicability and convenience.

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Therefore, it is better to broaden the scope of application and improve the efficiency of body temperature testing. It is very helpful. As for the specific model, it can be combined with the in-depth understanding of industry dynamics to make corresponding judgments.

Facing the heavy pressure of temperature testing of mobile personnel, it is inevitable for public places to increase the configuration of temperature measuring instruments, but the single-function instruments and equipment cannot be used, and the thermal imaging temperature measurement based on face testing technology is carefully built The instrument has become an ideal choice.

I believe it is worth keeping a high level of attention for most public places and residential communities, in order to ensure that every temperature measurement is performed during the installation and operation of the instrument and equipment. All links can be comprehensive, and the measured body temperature data is an objective and true response to the prevention and control effect.

Obviously, as an advanced form of technology, face recognition has been widely used in many industries, but the application effect of access control systems and thermometers is better. After all, it is currently in the normalization stage of epidemic prevention and control.

Body temperature measurement is essential for many epidemic prevention work, so careful selection of temperature measurement products and equipment that meet the requirements can still play a positive role in improving the efficiency and level of implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures.


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