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Enterprises suspend the use of fingerprint attendance machines? Face access control and attendance machines become new favorites

Release Time: 2022-05-09

As the epidemic continues to change, so does the government's prevention and control measures. Nowadays, in low-risk areas of the epidemic, while doing a good job in prevention and control, resuming work and production has become a top priority. Enterprises are anxious, individuals are anxious, and the government is also anxious. Because this is not only related to whether the company can survive or not, but also the money bag of the common people. On the one hand, it is necessary to quickly start construction and open the market, and on the other hand, we must still do our best to prevent and control the epidemic; on the other hand, we must vigorously boost and strictly control it. So, how to achieve the two-handedness of the epidemic prevention economy?

Enterprises suspend the use of fingerprint attendance machines? Face access control and attendance machines become new favorites

In order to ensure the safe resumption of work by enterprises, on February 21, the State Council issued the "Guidelines for Epidemic Prevention and Control Measures for Resumption of Work and Production in Enterprises and Institutions", which requires enterprises to suspend the use of fingerprint attendance machines and use other methods for attendance registration to reduce virus infection and spread risk.

Now, whether you enter an office building, a park, or a community, your body temperature will be measured at the entrance, and you can only enter if your body temperature is normal. Judging from the requirements for resumption of work during the epidemic, Infrared Thermometers, face recognition and temperature detection all-in-one machines, and non-contact attendance equipment have become essential for companies to start work.

Body temperature detection is the first pass of epidemic prevention and is used for rapid body temperature measurement. Infrared thermometers can only be used in parks or office buildings with a small number of people. For a company factory with a large number of people, it is troublesome and unsafe to use a thermometer to measure the temperature during concentrated commuting time.

For the scene requirements of enterprise temperature measurement and non-contact attendance check-in, the face recognition and temperature monitoring integrated machine developed by Shenzhen Jieyi Technology Co., Ltd. can be used. This smart Face recognition thermometer has the functions of infrared temperature measurement + face recognition + ID card/access control card verification + attendance punching, which can simultaneously realize temperature measurement, face recognition, access control and card attendance, no matter during the epidemic After the epidemic is over, it can be used as a convenient and fast attendance and identity verification terminal, and can be used in office buildings, residential quarters, banks, hospitals and other places.

The advantage of the Face recognition temperature measurement terminal is that it does not need to touch the subject, the temperature measurement speed is fast, and cross-infection is avoided, which can completely change the time-consuming manual temperature measurement, easy close contact, and contact transmission caused by fingerprint punching. Moreover, this fully automatic face temperature measurement terminal of JAEMONT supports mask recognition. If the employee does not wear a mask, a voice prompt will be issued. If the body temperature is normal and the mask is worn, the gate will be automatically opened to allow employees to pass through. If the body temperature exceeds 37.3°C, it will turn into a red box and sound an alarm to close the gate. The system will also capture the face in real time. The image is sent to the background.

Since its inception, JAEMONT, an intelligent face recognition device, has rapidly become popular due to its accurate, efficient and stable characteristics, and has become an epidemic prevention and control tool in governments at all levels, enterprises, communities, office buildings, schools, airports, subways and major public places. 's right-hand man.


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