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Face temperature measurement health code terminal takes into account both social and economic benefits

Release Time: 2022-02-21

"There is no 'touch' in AI, JAEMONT has released a series of terminals for face recognition, including smart face temperature measurement terminals, smart face temperature measurement terminals for Health code verification, and smart face temperature measurement visitor terminals. Smart face temperature measurement terminal products The appearance and strength coexist, adopting a brand-new industrial design, which not only achieves a refined and beautiful design, but the whole equipment is made of aluminum alloy anodized and carefully carved by CNC machine tools, and has a powerful face recognition function and accurate measurement of face temperature. It can be applied to the dual needs of face recognition identity verification and body temperature detection at the same time. The intelligent face temperature measurement terminal product is equipped with a self-developed face recognition algorithm engine, with a recognition rate of 99.9% and 8 live detections per second. 100,000 face comparisons per second (10,000 people database), and it supports face recognition (1:N, 1:1), and also supports face anti-counterfeiting identification to prevent fraudulent use of other people's face photos and videos. Wait.

Face temperature measurement health code terminal takes into account both social and economic benefits

In addition, the health code verification temperature measurement product adopts the detection chip imported from Germany, and the top of the device is the core temperature measurement matrix module to ensure the best temperature measurement effect. The optimal temperature measurement distance is 0.6 meters, and the non-contact temperature measurement protects the safety of grass-roots staff; the temperature measurement accuracy is high, and the error is within the accuracy range of ±0.3 °C; Temperature data; temperature measurement is easy to calibrate, can adapt to different environments, and has a wide range of adaptability.

The demand in the post-epidemic period must be a combination of peace and war. In special periods, it can meet the needs of "wartime", and in peacetime it directly becomes a part of urban construction and economic construction, producing good social and economic benefits. The new series of intelligent face temperature measurement terminals released by JAEMONT are based on the "combination of peace and war", and meet the needs of precise prevention and control through "contactless long-distance" face temperature measurement during the epidemic period; in the post-epidemic period, they can also be used in airports and railway stations. , community, building and other scenarios, the verification and identification of personnel entering and leaving identity, personnel information management, etc., to achieve full-scene applications.


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