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Famous access control machine manufacturers face recognition access control swipe card access control explosives are all available

Release Time: 2022-04-15

As a well-known manufacturer of access control machines, JAEMONT has been focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of access control and attendance systems for more than ten years. With a wide range of access control machines, customers can quickly choose cost-effective access control all-in-one machines. At this stage, face access control and fingerprint access control, which have become popular products, are of reliable quality and powerful functions, and are widely used in financial institutions, government agencies, enterprises, construction sites and other places with high security regulations.

Famous access control machine manufacturers <a href= target='_blank'><a href= target='_blank'>face recognition access control</a></a> swipe card access control explosives are all available

The face access control machine that has become an explosion nowadays must be an all-in-one face temperature measurement access control machine. Keeping up with technological progress and customer needs, JAEMONT continued to study after resuming work, and released a non-contact infrared temperature measurement face access control machine, which can be deployed in schools, construction sites, companies, residential quarters, etc. for temperature measurement prevention and access management. 8-inch high-definition screen, metal casing, rapid identification, non-contact in the whole process, intelligent temperature measurement early warning and other characteristics, quickly won the love and trust of customers, is a school, company, construction site, residential area and other intelligent temperature measurement products.

JAEMONT face + card swipe access control machine is a smart access control product that is highly praised by customers, only because JAEMONT face + card swipe access control machine is value for money and reliable in quality. Self-developed intelligent fingerprint algorithm, extremely fast authentication to open the door; high-quality intelligent chip CPU and parts, improve product anti-jamming performance, stable, fast and long-term operation. It can also provide function customization and development docking, allowing customers to enjoy a more intelligent access control security system.

JAEMONT is an enterprise engaged in the development, design, manufacture, sales and after-sales service of face recognition access control systems, face recognition attendance systems, Face recognition temperature measurement all-in-one machines, and non-sensing AI face recognition cameras. The products are widely used in factories, Office buildings, companies, schools, construction sites, enterprises and institutions, banks, gyms, hotels and other fields.


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Brief Introduction: Founded in 2013, ShenZhen Jieyi Technology Co., Ltd. mainly focuses on Face Recognition Entrance Access software and hardware for years. We are a leading solution provider and manufacturer which integrates R&D, production and sales, we independently make the closed-loop of "AI algorithm + embedded software + hardware manufacturing", and provide high-performance products to the famous domestic and overseas Brands with OEM/ODM service.


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