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How to crack the face recognition attendance machine? Can I sign in without being present?

Release Time: 2022-03-31

With the increasing maturity of face recognition technology, its commercial applications are becoming more and more extensive. Face check-in, face login, face payment, face elevators, face gates, etc., are widely used in security, finance, education, medical care, etc. It is widely used in the field, and face recognition technology has developed rapidly in China. However, some face recognition methods are also easily deceived by photos, videos, simulated molds, etc., and various cracking methods are frequently reported on the Internet. Others are not so easily fooled. So, what kind of face recognition is the easiest to crack? Today, Shenzhen JAEMONT will discuss with you.

How to crack the <a href= target='_blank'>face recognition attendance machine</a>? Can I sign in without being present?

The key to being able to be deceived by photos, videos, etc. is whether the face recognition machine used supports face detection technology. The previous face recognition is to verify whether the same face has passed through face verification, while face live detection is a face anti-counterfeiting technology, not a face verification technology. The difference between the two is: face verification It is mainly an algorithm for judging whether two faces are the same person, obtains the similarity of two face features through face comparison, and compares it with a preset threshold. When the similarity is greater than the threshold, it is determined to be the same person, otherwise it is different. Face live detection is mainly a face anti-counterfeiting technology, and its algorithm is to determine whether it is a real live body, rather than photos, videos, armors, etc. trying to pass the test. Therefore, if the traditional method is used to crack the face recognition attendance machine, it will not be successful. Next, Shenzhen JAEMONT face recognition will explain to you the traditional method of cracking face recognition check-in.

1. Photo Vulnerability

Photos are the easiest way to exploit loopholes. You can easily obtain photos of relevant people through social media platforms. However, photos are static and can be easily identified only by dynamic judgment. Liveness detection is usually performed using interactive actions such as blinking, opening the mouth, and turning the head.

2. Video Vulnerability

The video vulnerability is to play the video of the action distance in advance to the detection system, but the screen of the player is imaged against the camera, and the authenticity of the face is quite different, usually there are drawbacks such as reflection, reflection, blur, distortion, etc. It is relatively easy to identify.

3. Prosthetic loopholes

The prosthesis loophole is to make a three-dimensional mold similar to a real person. Although this method solves the plane defects of recruitment and video, and although this real three-dimensional mold is quite close to the skin, the surface reflectivity of the material and the real face still exist. difference, so it is a good way to make up for this algorithmic loophole.

At present, liveness detection has been applied to devices based on face technology, such as face recognition access control, face recognition attendance, face infrared temperature measurement. Today, with the increasing popularity of sensorless traffic, the face anti-counterfeiting technology of liveness detection is Personal and property safety provides more security.

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