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Human body temperature measurement screening system provides comprehensive safety and health protection

Release Time: 2021-01-21

In the case of the need to measure the temperature of the population, how to solve the problems of low detection efficiency caused by manual detection of the body temperature of the passing personnel, high infection rate of the detection personnel, and automatic and accurate positioning of persons with abnormal body temperature has become the focus.

Human body temperature measurement screening system provides comprehensive safety and health protection

The intelligent human body temperature measurement and screening system adopts non-contact measurement of human body temperature and identification of personnel, and has the ability of real-time temperature measurement and screening 24 hours a day. The non-contact measurement also improves the safety factor of workers and reduces the In the event of a public health event, the risk of cross-infection among the population.

When a person passes by, the intelligent human body temperature measurement screening system finds a person with an abnormal body temperature, it will trigger an alarm, and the on-site alarm device (display device) will trigger an audible and visual alarm to remind the on-site management staff to deal with it.

When the intelligent human body temperature measurement and screening system is used with the face recognition function, it will have the automatic face detection and recognition function. In the application scenarios that require security protection, it can effectively eliminate the interference of the temperature measurement target of unauthorized personnel, and at the same time When a person with abnormal body temperature is detected, the person's identity information can be synchronized, which is convenient for managers to accurately track and follow up emergency response.

The intelligent human body temperature measurement and screening system can be widely used in various public places, such as subways, high-speed railways, airports, long-distance passenger transport, docks, parks, office buildings, schools, parks, libraries, etc. The non-contact human body temperature measurement used in the system And the identification method can realize the rapid screening and measurement of the people at the entrance and exit in such scenarios, which is convenient for the staff to implement manual intervention quickly and accurately, and prevent the risk of large-scale infection of people with abnormal body temperature.

As the public pays more attention to health and safety in the future, products and systems with intelligent human body temperature measurement in the construction of product integration systems are bound to gradually replace the existing detection systems. The intelligent human Body Temperature Measurement System can not only complete automatic face detection and recognition, infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement and other functions, in the future, through big data analysis technology, cloud computing and other technologies, it will deeply analyze the law of fever and epidemic when a public safety incident occurs. Auxiliary management personnel predict the trend of fever epidemics, make better emergency response plans, and provide the people with more comprehensive safety and health protection.


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