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JAEMONT health code green pass equipment has been widely recognized by the market

Release Time: 2021-12-27

The JAEMONT Face recognition temperature measurement and code verification code integrated machine has the advantages of accuracy, efficiency, and convenient deployment. It can meet the needs of stations and hospitals for personnel temperature and health code screening in epidemic prevention and control at a lower cost, and avoids manual temperature measurement. Many problems and risks of code verification.

The health code equipment has passed repeated verification and continuous optimization in the actual application process. The Health code verification all-in-one machine quickly passed the actual application test, and was successfully used in Shenzhen North Railway Station, Shenzhen Yantian Port, Shenzhen Transportation Bureau, and Shenzhen The deployment of multiple entrances and exits such as Bao'an People's Hospital has effectively contained the possibility of the spread of the epidemic and effectively assisted the prevention and control of the epidemic, which has been unanimously recognized by the public security and the street.

JAEMONT health code green pass equipment has been widely recognized by the market

As an important engine for the integrated development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Shenzhen has a large number of migrant workers, and the city’s migrant population is close to 20 million. The flow of people is frequent and the pressure of epidemic prevention is huge.

With the continuous advancement of the full resumption of work and production under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the flow of personnel has intensified, and epidemic prevention will face severe challenges. Therefore, we will further improve the prevention and control of epidemics at the entrance and exit of important places, accurately and efficiently screen people with abnormal body temperature and health codes, and reduce The risk of imported epidemics in cities, preventing the influx of the epidemic and the spread of the virus will be work that must not be ignored before the end of the new crown epidemic.

By deploying a face recognition, temperature measurement and scanning code integrated machine, relying on the comprehensive application of multiple technologies such as high-precision thermal imaging temperature measurement, biometric identification, and real-time retrieval of health codes, it effectively guarantees the prevention and control of epidemic prevention and control at the entrances and exits of stations, hospitals, etc. The orderly development will help build a precise battle line of defense and escort the normal operation of the entire Shenzhen economy and society. With the joint efforts of government departments, security companies, and all Shenzhen people, Shenzhen has gained more experience in fighting the epidemic since the outbreak of the epidemic.

However, due to the difficult-to-prevent characteristics of the new crown virus, epidemic prevention and control will undoubtedly be a tough and protracted battle that cannot be slackened at all. Today, Inner Mongolia, Beijing, Zhengzhou, Qinghai, Gansu, Jiangsu and many other places have experienced an epidemic rebound after the epidemic has stabilized and emergency response has been reduced. What makes the public panic is that the source of the epidemic rebound is still uncertain.

The health code face temperature measurement and verification integrated machine can not only contribute to the prevention and control of community epidemics, but also can be deployed and used in densely populated places such as schools, airports, stations, hospitals, and shopping malls. As the epidemic prevention and control is becoming more and more normal, the key to the victory of this epidemic prevention and control war is to do a good job of accurate temperature measurement and inspection codes in densely populated places, and not to miss any key personnel at high risk of new coronary pneumonia. And Jieyi Technology will always stick to the front line of epidemic prevention work, be guided by the needs of the scene, and strive to meet the requirements of frontline epidemic prevention and control, and use practical actions to reflect the corporate responsibility and responsibilities in front of the epidemic, and use technology and innovation to build the epidemic. The copper and iron walls of prevention and control.


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