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Manufacturers remind temperature measurement access control machine installation errors

Release Time: 2022-05-06

Where did you start school? Or is the start time set? The fall semester is approaching, and the school is facing a great challenge of returning to school and preventing epidemics. We all know that the new coronavirus is mainly transmitted through droplets and indirect contact. Strengthening mask protection and body temperature detection can effectively prevent the spread of the virus. Face recognition and temperature measurement all-in-one machine has become a popular and popular product.

Manufacturers remind temperature measurement <a href= target='_blank'>access control machine</a> installation errors

So far, the Face recognition temperature measurement and access control integrated machine launched by JAEMONT is a multi-functional, fast recognition, and small temperature difference intelligent temperature measurement product, which supports live detection, dynamic face brushing, contact-free temperature measurement, high temperature warning, mask recognition, and automatic uploading. Statistics and other functions, coupled with powerful temperature measurement management software, are suitable for most temperature measurement and screening places, such as schools, enterprises, construction sites, factory parks, stations and other places.

At present, the face recognition temperature measurement and access control integrated machine is installed in schools, enterprises, construction sites, factory parks and other places to control temperature measurement entry and exit. The following are the matters to be paid attention to when installing the face recognition temperature measurement and access control integrated machine:

  1. Multiple tests are required when the system is debugged. Only by deploying and calibrating the face recognition temperature measurement access control integrated machine according to the on-site environment can ensure a good detection effect.

2. The installation height must be in accordance with the height specified by the face recognition manufacturer. If there is a large difference in the height of the crowd, it is recommended to install a temperature measurement probe to optimize the recognition temperature measurement experience;

3. Try not to install it in an environment with direct sunlight. If it is really not allowed, you can choose to install a sunshade or a awning, which can protect from the sun and rain, and can also ensure the accuracy of face recognition and temperature measurement, and prolong the service life of the equipment;

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