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【New Arrival】JAEMONT Launches P103-BG 4.3-inch Touch Screen Face Recognition Access Control Machine

Release Time: 2022-04-19

In recent years, the application scenarios of face recognition technology have become more and more extensive. Due to the outbreak of the epidemic, the market demand for non-contact and non-inductive travel has become stronger and stronger. In the past, traditional access control equipment such as IC cards and fingerprints are slowly being replaced, and contactless intelligent face recognition equipment is accelerating to become an important part of the security and access control fields.

【New Arrival】JAEMONT Launches P103-BG 4.3-inch Touch Screen <a href= target='_blank'><a href= target='_blank'>face recognition access control</a></a> Machine

JAEMONT recently launched the P103-BG 4.3-inch touch-screen face recognition access control machine, which is a lightweight face recognition access control machine specially developed for application scenarios such as enterprise attendance, hotel access control, training institutions, and clubs.

The face detection speed is increased by 50%, and the queuing time is greatly shortened

JAEMONT P103-BG touch screen face recognition access control machine is equipped with binocular live detection camera, HiSilicon chip, linux operating system, providing high computing power, making face recognition faster and more accurate. Compared with most other attendance/access control/gate equipment solutions on the market, AI recognition usually takes about 400 milliseconds; but this face recognition access control machine AI recognition takes only about 200 milliseconds, and the speed is increased by 50%, which can effectively solve the problem. During the rush hour, employees queue up to check in slowly and crowds gather.

Support live detection, anti-counterfeiting is more secure

Liveness detection can accurately identify whether it is a real person, and can effectively distinguish high-definition photos, videos, PS, 3D models, electronic screens, face-changing and other counterfeiting and fraudulent activities, which greatly ensures the safety of the office.

P103-BG touch screen face recognition access control machine supports liveness detection, which can effectively prevent impostors from using photos, videos, etc. to replace real people detection. The detection rate of most other solutions is usually only 91%. According to actual measurement, the live detection rate of P103-BG touch-screen face recognition access control machine can be as high as 98.48%, which is safer for anti-counterfeiting.

Backlight and black light are clear and widely used

In complex lighting scenarios, accurate and fast face recognition is one of the key pain points for attendance/access control/gate products on the market. P103-BG touch screen face recognition access control machine is equipped with security-grade ISP, adopts 3-frame HDR and dynamic AE algorithm, in complex environments such as black light, low light, strong light, backlight, shade and sunshine, the product can clearly identify the passing people and things.

In addition, the P103-BG touch-screen face recognition access control machine supports intelligent face/object recognition, and can recognize faces of various skin colors, including yellow, white, brown and transitional colors caused by uneven light. Intelligent analysis of license plates, object shapes, etc.

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, face recognition access control products have become indispensable equipment in security management, and are widely used in enterprises, government agencies, institutions, schools, smart buildings, smart communities, industrial plants, etc. The scene realizes the intelligent management of access control, attendance check-in, and patrol check-in, providing a more efficient and worry-free solution. The smart Time attendance/access control/temperature measurement product solution of Jieyi Technology will provide more complete and competitive product support for our partners, and bring more possibilities for intelligent transformation.


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