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New Product Release: P1013 Touch Screen Face Recognition Access Control All-in-One

Release Time: 2022-04-18

For employees commuting to get off work, the most important thing is the attendance machine, which is convenient for counting their punch-in attendance records, and is also an important basis for calculating wages. As the first level of security in the office area, the access control and attendance machine has various identification methods, from the earliest card punching machine to the later fingerprint punching or nail punching. These punching methods only realize a single punching record attendance function. It is clearly behind the times.

New Product Release: P1013 Touch Screen <a href= target='_blank'><a href= target='_blank'>face recognition access control</a></a> All-in-One

The current face recognition access control all-in-one machine can not only realize non-sensing attendance records, but also perform accurate face verification. It is especially suitable for companies and enterprises with strict face recognition control, especially financial outlets or key engineering areas. protection, etc.

Even in ordinary office areas, the mobility of personnel is now enhanced, and personnel from express delivery, insurance, water delivery companies, and cleaning companies can enter and leave the office area. Therefore, the security measures of buildings are constantly improving, and some security guards are simply one-size-fits-all. The entry of these persons is strictly prohibited, and even so, it is difficult to avoid suspicious persons committing crimes. In fact, improving the security level of each office area can solve these problems very well. Face attendance and access control all-in-one machine can easily solve this problem.

JAEMONT P1013 face attendance access control all-in-one machine is a touch screen access control machine, using LINUX operating system, to achieve a perfect combination of convenient operation and stability and durability.

JAEMONT P1013 touch screen face recognition access control all-in-one machine adopts 8-inch IPS touch screen, large screen ratio, and excellent operating experience. Different from the previous face recognition access control machine, the touch face access control machine supports front-end face registration and device configuration functions, which is convenient for employees to register online and is very easy to use. In addition, it supports 24,000+ face comparison libraries and 160,000 recognition records, which can meet the needs of most enterprises.

JAEMONT P1013 touch-screen face recognition access control all-in-one machine uses a deep learning algorithm to perform high-speed face recognition. As long as you pass in front of the attendance machine, you can distinguish whether it is an internal employee. If it is an internal employee, it will automatically open the door and punch the card. If it is a visitor, it will prompt for registration. If it is a blacklisted person, it will be effectively blocked.

Its binocular camera can effectively capture dynamic portraits. And it can prevent photos or videos from being faked. Within three seconds, if you pass or fail, there will be a voice prompt to compare the results. The recognition accuracy rate exceeds 99%, so that suspicious persons will be defeated in the first stage of the access control to collect portraits. . After all, the trick of stealing the sky is no match for the prevention of scientific and technological progress.

This is the case with face recognition equipment. It can be said that the height of the magic is one foot, and the height of the road is one foot. This face attendance access control machine can relax people's security guards. Because of its humanized design, it can make the operation easier. Adopt wall-mounted industrial design, small and exquisite, smooth lines, stable performance, support touch screen operation, support wired network and wireless network, device comparison results and linked snapshot photos are uploaded to the platform in real time, effectively saving historical records.

Don't look at it like a large-screen mobile phone placed at the door, its memory can record 160,000 snapshot records, including 22,400 face database capacity, uploading attendance data is easy and convenient, even after the network is disconnected, all attendance data reports can be Offline export. The recognition performance is efficient in low light and backlight environments, and the face recognition function can be effectively played within a distance of 0.5 meters to 1.5 meters.

Sometimes your office is one step away from security. The research and development of JAEMONT face recognition access control all-in-one machine is to meet the various needs of the market and develop a series of products in a targeted manner. Friends from all walks of life are welcome to come to discuss cooperation.


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