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Non-contact temperature measurement green pass scanner community epidemic prevention and control

Release Time: 2022-01-12

Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus, cities all over the country have introduced a series of prevention and control measures according to the actual needs of prevention and control, among which "guarding the door" has become a very important part.

General Secretary Xi Jinping has pointed out many times that the community is the first line of joint prevention and control of the epidemic, and it is also the most effective line of defense against external import and internal proliferation. Only by guarding the "small door" of the community can we effectively prevent the spread of the epidemic.

Under the guidance of this general work plan, the whole country has been carrying out extremely strict management and control of residential communities since the outbreak of the epidemic. Guangdong Province has gradually formed a relatively mature and effective "temperature measurement code" access system in the actual work process. Body temperature measurement is the most effective way to check patients with suspected new coronary pneumonia; checking health codes is through big data analysis to identify whether people have passed through the epidemic area or have had close contact with suspected new coronary pneumonia patients. The simultaneous inspection of the two can accurately and efficiently exclude key personnel at high risk of new coronary pneumonia from the door.

However, the manual temperature measurement of the forehead thermometer widely used in various communities has problems such as low efficiency, large errors, and close contact with people during temperature measurement, which may easily lead to cross-infection. Unexpected situations such as power and network failures. Therefore, in order to avoid the above problems and ensure the effect of epidemic prevention, the R&D and deployment of non-contact temperature measurement and code verification solutions have become an urgent need for epidemic prevention and control at the entrance and exit of residential quarters.

Non-contact temperature measurement green pass scanner community epidemic prevention and control

Shenzhen Jieyi Technology has independently developed a non-contact infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement and bright code all-in-one machine in combination with the needs of epidemic prevention and control. "Swiping code + swiping face" to realize "small door intelligent control" has become a bright spot in the prevention and control measures, providing technical support for the excellent anti-epidemic results achieved by various places.

In view of the shortcomings of traditional manual inspection methods such as low efficiency and large errors, firmly establish the concept of "intelligence-led, systematic operations, and technology empowerment", and comprehensively use early warning perception, face recognition, and identity authentication to build full coverage and all-round The command epidemic prevention network.

At a time when epidemic prevention and control is becoming more and more normalized, it is the key to the victory of this epidemic prevention and control war to do a good job of accurate temperature measurement and code verification in crowded places, and not to miss any key personnel at high risk of new coronary pneumonia. Jieyi Technology will always adhere to the front line of epidemic prevention work, be guided by the needs of the scene, strive to meet the requirements of front-line epidemic prevention and control, use practical actions to reflect the corporate responsibility and responsibility in the face of the epidemic, and use technology and innovation to build the epidemic situation. The iron wall of prevention and control.


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