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Not only face attendance, but also the attendance method commonly used by employees

Release Time: 2022-05-24

Employee attendance is an important part of enterprise human resource management. Standardizing attendance and improving efficiency is always the ultimate goal of attendance management. At present, face recognition attendance has become the mainstream attendance method due to its fast recognition and safety. Jieyi Technology introduces the advantages and disadvantages of common attendance methods including face recognition attendance.

Not only face attendance, but also the attendance method commonly used by employees

1) Paper check-in and attendance: print the attendance date, time, department and employee name on A4 paper, and employees can sign the attendance card with a pen during commute time. Although the cost is relatively low, it is prone to the problems of proxy signing and inaccurate statistics, which is not conducive to standardizing attendance management.

2) Swipe card attendance: record the time of employees commuting to and from get off work by swiping the IC card, and export the card swiping record at the end of the month to calculate the employee's attendance. There will be no problems of finger scratches and too dark light to punch in, and the maintenance cost is low; however, there will be "recognize the card but not the person" on behalf of the swipe, and the attendance cheating data cannot be traced back.

3) Fingerprint attendance: It is easy to distinguish the identity of the person by identifying the employee's fingerprint through the fingerprint attendance machine to achieve the purpose of attendance. Fingerprint features are unique, cannot be faked, and have high recognition accuracy. However, finger scratches, sweating, peeling, etc. cannot be identified and affect attendance; when there are many people, you need to queue up, which will lead to late arrival. During the epidemic, fingerprints cannot be used, and cross-spreading will occur.

4) Face recognition attendance: Through the enterprise uploading the employee's face image in advance or collecting the employee's face image and entering the system, the employee only needs to stand in a certain range to swipe the card to check in. No physical contact is required, there will be no fake punch cards, and attendance can be checked at any time. The price is relatively affordable, but it will be limited by light.

The times are constantly progressing and developing, and enterprise attendance management is also constantly being updated. face recognition attendance machine is currently a popular attendance method. Non-contact face attendance attendance is fast and safe. Automatic statistics and intelligent management of enterprise attendance are intelligent office supplies for enterprises to improve management efficiency. At present, Jieyi Technology's face recognition attendance is widely used in places such as enterprises and institutions, communities, banks, factories, construction sites, etc.


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