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P1013-BG thin and light 8-inch touch screen smart access control, the appearance and configuration are the same

Release Time: 2022-05-09

In recent years, as a forerunner in the field of face recognition access control, JAEMONT has been working hard to develop face recognition products that are well received by the market. The in-depth layout of touch control series access control attendance is a microcosm of its technical strategy. After several iterations, significant breakthroughs have been made in appearance design, actual performance and application experience. This is fully reflected in the latest 8-inch intelligent access control integrated body of JAEMONT.

P1013-BG thin and light 8-inch touch screen smart access control, the appearance and configuration are the same

The appearance and the configuration are equally flying - the large screen ratio is 1.5cm and the thin body

JAEMONT P1013-BG is a thin and light 8-inch touch screen smart access control all-in-one machine, which is a new face recognition product with high performance and high reliability in the JAEMONT touch operation series. Compared with the old model, it can be said that there are new upgrades in appearance, performance and technical configuration.

In terms of appearance, the P1013-BG thin and light 8-inch touch-screen face recognition access control machine integrates contemporary industrial design aesthetics. The overall structure is similar to the Apple ipad. The same texture is impeccable.

In particular, the ultra-narrow bezel and high screen ratio make this new star of the touch-screen face recognition access control machine extraordinarily stunning. The front of the large screen of the machine is based on a symmetrical design, using a new screen packaging process, the screen frame has been greatly narrowed, and combined with beauty image processing, it brings a more natural appearance to users.

JAEMONT P1013-BG thin and light 8-inch touch-screen face recognition access control machine is not only unique in appearance design, but also very resistant in core hardware configuration. One of its biggest highlights is that it is equipped with a large 8-inch IPS touch screen with high resolution to achieve delicate and realistic picture quality.

At the same time, it has a built-in 2 million wide dynamic binocular camera in the front, with a face recognition algorithm, using the face as the key for entry and exit access and attendance, which can prevent others from using photos, videos and other cheating methods to pass the test. Not only that, thanks to the blessing of the star-level image sensor, face recognition can still be performed even in dark or no-light environments.

Built-in IC card, multiple authentication methods

JAEMONT P1013-BG thin and light 8-inch touch-screen face recognition access control all-in-one machine uses professional-grade cameras to collect data. It not only has powerful data processing capabilities, but also has strong end-side storage capabilities and data capacity. This series of models supports 10,000-level large-capacity face database; and supports multiple verification methods such as face recognition (1:N), card recognition, etc.; and supports access control and attendance time period management and control, and authorizes the door to open on demand; and is also equipped with NFC function— - It can be used as a card for identification and authentication through the NFC function of the mobile phone, which greatly improves the convenience of users.

In terms of the accuracy of face recognition technology, the machine perfectly inherits the excellent genes of the JAEMONT face recognition device family. All JAEMONT face recognition access control and attendance products use deep learning algorithms based on multi-level convolutional neural networks, professional video image acquisition and processing technology, advanced front-end data analysis and comparison logic, embedded high-performance smart chips, single The face recognition time is less than 1 second and can guarantee excellent accuracy.

Value-added experience DIY at will

In addition to strong hardware support and high-precision recognition capabilities, because it is backed by a powerful and rich visual management platform, JAEMONT P1013-BG thin and light 8-inch touch-screen face recognition access control machine also has many unique advanced software It fully supports JAEMONT's existing smart campus face recognition platform, smart community platform, smart factory platform and other software management systems, which can meet various face access and verification scenarios.

Enabling all-scene applications, not afraid of backlight and weak light

The original intention of JAEMONT to launch the touch series face recognition access control machine is to make the product easier to use. Like the previous products of the same type, the machine is still equipped with an industrial-grade and stable Linux operating system, which realizes fool-like operation and greatly improves the It satisfies the direct user installation and configuration requirements, and greatly improves the scene practicability of the product.

The device has a waterproof grade of IP65, has a wide dynamic binocular camera, and has better adaptability to the outdoor environment. At the same time, it has built-in IC card and wifi module, supports multiple identification methods such as citizen ID card and QR code, and supports wired and wireless WiFi. , 4G and other communication methods, and can also be connected with Health code verification to help prevent and control the epidemic. Therefore, from indoors to outdoors, from cities to villages, it can almost meet the needs of all application scenarios including safe communities, enterprises and institutions, government buildings, financial outlets, prisons, etc., and help the efficient and safe management of intelligent entrances and exits.

feature of product

● Screen upgrade: 8-inch super large IPS touch screen to achieve super large and super clear display effect;

● Ultra-narrow bezel: large screen ratio, full screen is your beauty;

● Clear in dark light: The star-level image sensor will not turn a blind eye to you in low light or no light environment;

● Swipe under the screen: The hidden swipe design allows you to have a different visual experience.


Entering the post-epidemic era, based on the consideration of public health and safety, no matter in public institutions, enterprises and institutions, communities, schools and other scenarios, the process of replacing traditional fingerprint access control attendance is accelerating, and the insensitivity represented by intelligent face recognition Access control attendance has gradually become the mainstream of the market, and the new "high-security zero-contact" entry and exit experience brought by the latter makes people feel the charm of artificial intelligence.

Starting from the application needs of all scenarios, JAEMONT has created an 8-inch full-screen face recognition flagship access control attendance model based on powerful face recognition technology and industrialized production support capabilities, which will lead the new trend of access control attendance machines to a certain extent. A wider range of colors to choose from on the exterior of the device can better blend in with various environments or decor styles.


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