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JAEMONT launches temperature measurement solution that can identify EU digital green pass certificate

Release Time: 2022-01-18

In order to better prevent and control the new crown epidemic and promote global population mobility and economic recovery, the European Union officially launched the "New Crown Digital Travel Certificate", also known as the "European Vaccine Passport", allowing EU citizens to move between countries.

The new crown digital certificate is issued to users in the form of QR code, and there are 3 types, including:

① Certificate of vaccination with EU-approved vaccines

②Negative nucleic acid test certificate

③ Certificate of recovery from pneumonia

The certificate information includes the holder's name, date of birth, date of issuance of the certificate, vaccination status, nucleic acid test results, or new crown virus infection and cure status. People who have completed the new crown vaccination, and people who have been infected with the virus and have been cured can all be Apply for this certificate. Holders of the "EU version of the health code" can freely enter and exit all EU countries that recognize this certificate, and are recognized by all 27 EU member states and other European countries such as Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland.

JAEMONT has been paying close attention to the progress of the "EU version of the health code", from the beginning of the promulgation to the controversy and then to the official entry into force. At the same time, it has also docked the EU health code for the first time, and launched the identifiable "EU new crown digital certificate". The temperature measurement and face recognition traffic management solution.

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JAEMONT EU health code face recognition all-in-one machine adopts Huawei HiSilicon DV300 chip, equipped with a mature and stable Linux operating system, high-precision self-developed face recognition algorithm, and supports non-contact rapid body temperature Screening based on infrared thermal imaging technology. At the same time, it supports the identification of the QR code of the EU's new crown digital certificate, and provides rich interface protocols to facilitate customers to access various platforms. The whole product has its own PC-side Web management background, which supports Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and platform-side browsers to achieve equipment maintenance, time setting, network setting, algorithm parameter setting, face entry, punch record export and other functions. Help the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic, and realize the safe and efficient entry and exit control of personnel.

"EU new crown digital certificate" QR code verification

The EU Health Code Pass Program of JAEMONT supports the identification of the "EU New Crown Digital Certificate" QR code, the device recognizes and reads the EU health QR code information, and displays the information on the screen, including basic visitor information and epidemic prevention information, and access identification records are recorded in real time. Upload to the back-end system to facilitate secondary query and traceability.

Supports full coverage of EU languages

The health code face recognition device supports Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Italian, Polish, German, Russian, Thai, French, Arabic, Vietnamese, Czech, Romanian, Japanese, Kazakh, Hebrew Communication, Slovak, Dutch, Turkish, Lithuanian, Greek, Portuguese [Portugal], Portuguese [Brazil], Ukrainian, Spanish, Indonesian, Korean, Croatian and other dozens of languages, covering European Union customer needs.

Support infrared thermal imaging body temperature screening

Supports non-contact, accurate and rapid body temperature screening based on infrared thermal imaging technology. The optimal body temperature detection distance is 0.5 meters, and the maximum distance is 1 meter.

Support mask face recognition

Support 5W face database. It can effectively detect and judge whether visitors wear masks, give voice prompts to those who do not wear masks, and support accurate face recognition and comparison when wearing masks.


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