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Temperature measurement becomes a must in public

Release Time: 2020-12-29

During the epidemic period, temperature measurement has became a must for everyone while going in and out of public places such as schools, enterprises, communities, stations, and entertainment public places. Therefore, Face recognition and temperature measurement integrated devices which can achieve efficient temperature measurement by a non-contact way, have been hot-selling star products.

Temperature measurement has been a must for everyone while going in and out of public

Through one year large-scale application, Face recognition and temperature measurement integrated-devices from Shenzhen Jieyi technology Co.,LTD have verified its' accurate temperature measurement, mature technology, and stable performance, which are facilitated to prevent the second wave of epidemics

1. Medical-grade temperature probe, accurate temperature measurement, high temperature alarm

Jieyi Technology Co.,LTD. now launches D721 face recognition & temperature measurement integrated device, it takes importing medical-grade temperature measurement probe to realize highly accurate measurement. If abnormal temperature has been detected, it will automatically alarm, forbid passing, and automatically produce datasheet in the background, which can be used for checking related passing records.

2. Full screen second-level temperature measurement can achieve quick passing.

Jieyi technology integrated-devices own powerful stability and can run smoother. Taking super backlight technology, no fearing of strong light, backlight and darkness, the devices support livness detection. Full screen second-level temperature measurement, automatic capturing and recognition faces, prevent cross-infection, and satisfy the large flowing of public.

Smart voice remind wearing mask

Automatically identify whether wearing mask or not, smart voice remind those who are not wearing mask, and forbid their passing to strengthen the awareness of danger, the standard database can support 50,000 faces, achieve face control, and be linked to the police security population information management platform, or quickly docked with the third-party platforms  to lock down identity information. Our devices support ten different languages and are exported to different countries.

Jieyi Technology Co.,LTD always upholds the mission of "create first-class AI products, help the industry going forward, and promote customers success!", and forges ahead. Based on the face recognition & temperature measurement integrated-devices, Jieyi technology now launches it's WiFi series, 4G series , QR code device, and identity verification device, which can satisfy all usages. Jieyi technology keeps continuously innovation on scientific epidemic prevention, facilitating customers, and new face recognition technology.


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