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Release Time: 2021-03-02

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Thermal Scanner kiosks help companies continue to safely maintain development status. In addition to temperature scanning, the integrated API function of the system also enables the temperature scanning kiosk to be used in more fields. Read on to help you understand what a Thermal Scanner kiosk is. How will it help your business.

Can it stop the spread of infectious diseases?

画板备份 40.pngWhat fields can it be applied to?

What is a Thermal Scanner kiosk?

The Thermal Scanner kiosk integrates infrared temperature measurement technology and facial recognition technology, which can quickly scan a person's body temperature and recognize a person's face.

These devices can quickly record the temperature of the temperature measurement personnel, which allows the Thermal Scanner kiosk to quickly perform large-scale temperature Screening.

For example, in events such as sports competitions or concerts, we hope to quickly scan the schools that select students.

Since this type of kiosk is non-contact and does not require human participation, this can minimize.

Those holding forehead temperature guns give people a risk of contact between employees and visitors.

The temperature measuring pavilion mainly uses infrared scanning technology, which only scans the forehead instead of the entire body. The temperature measuring kiosk can generally only scan one person at a time, and the person is required to stand about 2 feet away.

Compared with the screening method of thermal imaging cameras, the accuracy of the temperature measuring booth will be more accurate because it detects one person at a time.

Can temperature measuring kiosks prevent the spread of infectious diseases?

The Thermal Scanner KIOSK is mainly used to identify those who need further screening, and it cannot completely prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Example: How to place the device at the entrance of the school, and scan when the student arrives in the morning, when the student is registered as having a fever,

You can send him to the hospital and ask further questions.

Of course, there are still some asymptomatic infected people, because they have no obvious symptoms, because it is difficult to be identified.

In this case, some additional measures can minimize the risk of individual spreading the virus.

Including: wearing a mask, keeping it safe and specific, and convenient hand sanitizer.

The current temperature measuring kiosk has mask recognition function and hand sanitizer function, which can provide better safety protection.

What fields can it be applied to?

The thermal scanner kiosk can be applied to various scenarios.

Company office/warehouse/construction site

For offices, warehouses, and construction sites with a large number of commuters, temperature measurement kiosks are particularly important because they can quickly screen and check attendance for employees.

At the same time, the temperature screening kiosk can be placed in the corporate lobby and can scan for corporate visitors. Although these companies can issue administrative instructions, including wearing masks. But visitors will not follow these executions. Therefore, we can carry out risk management and control through the detection function of the temperature measuring kiosk.


The Thermal Scanner KIOSK can be prevented from being beside the school bus lane, and can be detected when students get off the school bus; or at the entrance.

Since the temperature measuring kiosk is equipped with a cloud-labeled software service system, it can also be used for attendance, and the information can be automatically sent back to the local or online server.

Event venue:

For sports venues that require thousands of people to enter, the temperature measuring pavilion can perform rapid crowd screening. This can greatly reduce the risk to the crowd.

doctor's office

Temperature hybrid scans can be performed in the doctor's office.

The temperature measuring pavilion can quickly screen the crowd, and then the doctor uses an ear thermometer or a forehead thermometer for further testing.


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