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Which one is better for face attendance?

Release Time: 2022-03-07

Attendance punching is an indispensable scene for the company every day, but to do a good job of intelligent office attendance, it is necessary to get rid of the shortcomings of low punching efficiency, slow report statistics, and difficult punching in other places. JAEMONT face recognition attendance machine is a good product to assist you in smart office attendance. What is the difference between it and traditional attendance machines? Let us find out together, so that we can choose the right products to realize the company's intelligent office attendance.

Which one is better for face attendance?

1. Large storage capacity

When you hurried to check in at the company, you were suddenly struck by the "full capacity" of the attendance machine, which made you feel uncomfortable and your office efficiency was not high. The JAEMONT face recognition attendance machine can store at least 1,000 faces, and the punch-in record capacity is also more than 100,000. It can easily adapt to the attendance capacity requirements of enterprises of different scales, so that you no longer worry about the difficulty of punching cards with small attendance capacity.

2. Offsite mobile check-in

If you want to go on a business trip to another place, you need to go to the company to check in early, forgetting to check in and going through the formalities afterwards, which is inconvenient, and feels physically and mentally exhausted. With the help of JAEMONT cloud service platform or JAEMONT attendance management software, the face recognition attendance machine can use GPS to locate and punch cards in other places. Manage and download.

3. Automatic statistical report

From information storage to production reports, the traditional attendance machine is complicated and prone to errors. It takes time for monthly employee salary statistics, and the personnel department struggles day and night to check statistics. There are also some errors and omissions in information that cause labor disputes. JAEMONT face recognition attendance machine is associated with the company's attendance data from all over the world, and automatically generates attendance statistics table. There is no need to work overtime to check, count, and edit. It can be easily exported and placed on the computer desktop with one click, saving time, worry, and easy management.

Fourth, punch cards quickly and accurately

Every morning, I hurried to punch in, and there was a long queue in front of the attendance machine waiting to punch in. When it was my turn to punch in, I was reluctantly late, and the attendance bonus was lost. The application of JAEMONT face is to be used by the attendance machine to help you easily deal with the problem of slow punch-in efficiency. The intelligent infrared face optimization algorithm, matched with high-quality industrial-grade core CPU, completes extremely fast face recognition punch-in, eliminates photo punch-in, and greatly improves Punching efficiency, non-contact proximity card attendance can be used to prevent cross-infection caused by fingerprint identification punching, so that punching is fast and accurate.

JAEMONT face recognition attendance machine adapts to the continuous accelerated work rhythm nowadays, stable and reliable performance, powerful attendance function, improves the efficiency of employee punching in, intelligently manages office attendance, and is the best choice for realizing the company's intelligent attendance management.


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