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Why Establish Biometric Identity System Is Important?

Release Time: 2021-02-04

With biometric technology usher in mature development and continuous penetration stage, increasing countries use it to establish its national biometric identity system. Here is the question. What is biometric identity system? Why establish biometric identity system is important?

Why Establish Biometric Identity System Is Important?


Today, there are still some countries in the world lack a unified identity identification system. Although identity documents such as passports, driving license, credit cards, etc can be used as personal identity proof, none of them is universally accepted. What makes thing worse, identity chaos cause governments unable to accurately control demographic information, legal citizens fail to enjoy the benefits they deserve and even illegal immigration and terrorism hard to prevent.

What Is Biometric Identity System?

Biometric technology refers to authenticate individual identity by using human inherent physiological characteristics (fingerprint, face, iris, etc.) and behavioral characteristics (handwriting, voice, pace, etc.) And the biometric identity system is the software and hardware facilities that can utilize the biometric technology.

Establishing a biometric identity system means citizens’ biometric data (fingerprints, faces, iris, etc.) should be collected, verified and uploaded into a unified national biometric database. And then, personal biometric data will be bound with his personal identity to form a new digital identity, so as to coordinate, integrate and interconnect other redundant personal identity proofs.

Why Establish Biometric Identity System Is Important?

Citizens have access to easily enjoy digital service include medical care, social security, training, employment, mobile business handling, online payment, etc in virtue of their identity identification as soon as digital identity is combined with their biometric data. Furthermore, government can achieve a lot of social applications and government management functions through the database, which creates numerous convenient conditions for other areas of the society.

Promote basic government social welfare services. Providing citizens with identity authentication services include registration, update and identification of identity information can make them has access to participate in social basic public service and obtain equal social benefits.

Protect personal privacy and safeguard civil rights. Citizens can conveniently authenticate themselves through his personal identity characteristic, and without provide any other personal information.

Improve government institutions management capacity. For key areas of access control management, identity authentication combine with biometric access control terminal can achieve extremely strict personnel access management. Merely a biometric terminal can replace manual registration at the entrance and perfect solve the problem caused by artificial identification.

Strengthen financial transactions. Digital identity enable citizens enjoy seamless payment and accelerate cashless society process. Driven by contactless payment, the safety of financial sector will help promote people transfer cash transaction to online transactions.

Reduce remote fraudulent act. The increasing development of the Internet is along with the periodically remote fraud, while using digital identity to authenticate remote users is conducive to prevent its occurrence.

Enhance public safety. In virtue of biometric identity system, police has capacity to quickly capture and verify the identification of criminals and improve their working efficiency in handling cases.

Better border control and counter-terrorism. The characteristic of biometric makes it available to swiftly identify illegal immigrants with fake documents and masquerading, which is conducive to crack down illegal acts, improve border control management, strengthen national security and enhance counter-terrorism.

Jieyi Technology Biometric Identity Device

In a bid to assist countries establish biometric identity system as soon as possible, Jieyi Technology developed biometric family contains a series of biometric identity devices.


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