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High cost performance of Face Recognition Temperature Measurement system

Release Time: 2020-09-15

Nowadays, the face recognition and temperature measurement integrated machine is undoubtedly the most popular AI product under the normalized prevention and control of the epidemic. So, when choosing, you definitely want to choose the most cost-effective Face recognition thermometer. For this problem, we can analyze it from the following aspects.


1. Integrated facial recognition and temperature measurement functions, one machine with multiple functions

Taking the D722 Face recognition temperature measurement attendance machine developed by Shenzhen Jieyi Technology Co., Ltd., the infrared binocular dynamic camera loaded by this face recognition temperature measurement device can verify the identity related information of the detection staff, but the camera intake When the facial information of the system is consistent with the information provided by the personnel collected by the system, the access gates loaded by the facial feature recognition machine will be developed and opened simultaneously. At the same time, the infrared thermal module loaded by these devices can mainly improve the synchronization detection and measurement. If there is a preset temperature value for body temperature timeout, the device will sound an alarm; the face recognition and temperature measurement all-in-one machine, in addition to basic access control and temperature measurement functions, also has a software function for attendance statistics, and verification data problems for all passers-by All can be consolidated together.

2. What is the current market price of face recognition thermometers?

Take the face recognition temperature measuring machine D722 developed by Shenzhen Jieyi Technology as an example. The price of this equipment will be higher than that of an ordinary face recognition attendance machine. The price is about 2,000 yuan. For an enterprise, its cost Almost negligible.

3. Looking at the price comprehensively

A face recognition and temperature measurement integrated machine actually includes a face recognition access control, an artificial intelligence attendance machine, and an intelligent temperature measurement machine. If we are still the traditional form of access control management, we need a security staff to verify and supervise, or some traditional swipe cards to check attendance, fingerprints check attendance, etc., not only troublesome, but also time-consuming and laborious statistics of attendance every month in personnel administration. It is necessary to establish specialized personnel to measure body temperature on duty, which wastes the cost of human resources and has no learning efficiency.


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