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Release Time: 2020-11-09

In the era of covid-19, Shenzhen Jieyi Technology Co., Ltd. has developed an efficient Face recognition temperature measurement scheme, including auxiliary temperature Screening measures, so as to provide routine protection measures for employees entering various facilities, retail customers and venue customers. Shenzhen Jieyi technology provides non-contact self-service technology, which can accurately and effectively measure the temperature of personnel at the "dangerous" temperature at the entrance and exit, so as to reduce the virus transmission potential between the operating temperature measuring equipment and the scanned personnel.

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Shenzhen Jieyi technology's face recognition facial recognition software will be used to enhance the facility access function during the epidemic period, so that enterprises can punch in, check in and check in for employees while anonymously checking guests and visitors. The functions of face recognition temperature measurement equipment include mask detection, access control integration function and scannable health code for users to conduct optional health survey on their smart phones. Especially in the stage of normalization prevention and control of the epidemic, the government suggests that the temperature screening safety procedures adopted during the covid-19 pandemic should be continued to be used in the occasions with large population flow, so as to play a lasting role.


In order to ensure that the face recognition temperature measurement system plays the most important role in measuring the distance between temperature and object, Shenzhen Jieyi technology uses dual camera sensor array to increase data points and accuracy. A sensor camera provides high-performance thermal imaging to capture temperature scans on the screen. The second sensor camera uses sensing technology to calculate the distance between the camera and the object. The technology also allows the camera to detect that it is reading a real face, not an object or a picture of the face. The sensor array together provides a suitable field of view with a temperature reading accuracy of ± 0.5 ° C. Non contact scanning reads and reports personal temperature to the operator. The scanning records were completely anonymous unless the subjects chose to join the employee recognition database.


Shenzhen Jieyi Technology Co., Ltd. has been investing heavily in the use of face recognition technology to develop products that will help restore the world economy. Especially for office buildings, campus, factories, construction sites and other places. Before entering the building, employees must be identified, temperature and health surveys recorded, and compliance with other regulations, such as wearing masks, must be tracked.

D721 face recognition temperature measurement equipment can accommodate 300 people per hour, suitable for schools, offices and activity places. A non touch attendance device with biometric facial recognition, mask detection and body temperature scanning to identify employees. An alarm is issued when excessive body temperature is detected. Human resources personnel can track and manage shifts and schedules, and employees can access their records through any mobile device.


It is worth mentioning that Shenzhen Jieyi technology combines the function of hot face detection, which can be combined with thermal imager to achieve anti cheating and fever shielding measures. The new face recognition SDK also adds full support for Python, faster face registration on Linux, automatic rotation of JPEG images, and the ability to detect smaller faces in larger images.


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