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Our products greatly facilitate epidemic prevention

Release Time: 2020-11-18

Broward County, Florida, schools, health care providers, hair salons, any traffic organization or business that can benefit from high-tech, contactless, stable traffic organizations or enterprises that can see the whole normal working day. The easy-to-use Shenzhen Jieyi D702 Face recognition thermometer can scan the temperature of employees and visitors to determine whether they are wearing masks, even in these unstable periods Provide additional security protection.


The D702 face recognition thermometer of Shenzhen Jieyi Technology Co., Ltd. is out of the box. It's easy to set up. Security. And flexible. It only needs one thermal temperature scan to check the safety of wearing masks and face recognition of employees or clock management.

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Medical service providers such as Washington State hospice hospital (hageston, MD.) provide services to hospice and palliative patients in Western Maryland and parts of southern Pennsylvania. They are using the Shenzhen Jieyi D702 face recognition thermometer to screen employees and visitors into their offices and / or high-temperature inpatient centers. Now, face recognition and body temperature Screening has become a part of the normal epidemic prevention and control. Shenzhen Jieyi D702 face recognition thermometer ensures our leading position in ensuring the safety of employees, patients and visitors.


After regularly adding customizable functions, Shenzhen Jieyi D702 face recognition thermometer can provide:

Rapid and non-contact temperature screening

Wearing masks to enforce the law,

Infection control screening

Employee face recognition

Employee timing, and

Real time alerts for any employees / visitors who fail the screening.


Kathleen Cantu, owner of a hair salon in Southwest Florida, chose the Shenzhen Jieyi D702 face recognition thermometer to make her customers and employees feel more comfortable when covid-19 is unlocked in Florida.


As a leader in hardware, software and other technologies focusing on non-contact rapid temperature screening, sales of Shenzhen Jieyi D702 face recognition thermometer have increased dramatically during the current pandemic.


For bill Beattie, head of Edison local school district in harmontsville, Ohio, "Shenzhen Jieyi D702 face recognition thermometer provides us with reliable conditions for use, as our 1500 students and more than 100 faculty members have entered our three buildings. I think it's a long-term investment. "There's a lot more to do in face recognition in the future. Now I think we are just exploring some basic functions of Shenzhen Jieyi D702 face recognition thermometer


About Shenzhen Jieyi Technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Jieyi Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the R & D and production of hardware and software for face recognition access control. It is a hardware and software manufacturer integrating R & D, production and sales. It independently realizes the complete closed-loop system of "AI algorithm + embedded software + hardware manufacturing", and provides high-performance products for well-known customers at home and abroad with OEM / ODM. Mainly committed to face recognition access control system research and development, production and sales, including hardware and software independent research and development.


The company, which is located in Tsinghua information port, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, made the product popular through the manufacture and distribution of its flagship product during the covid-19 pandemic. The product is a multifunctional face recognition entrance guard thermometer, which can carry out rapid and non-contact temperature screening, wearing masks and infection control screening. Problems, facial recognition, employee timekeeping, and real-time alerts for any employee / visitor who failed the screening. For more information, please call 8613502815687.


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Brief Introduction: Founded in 2013, ShenZhen Jieyi Technology Co., Ltd. mainly focuses on Face Recognition Entrance Access software and hardware for years. We are a leading solution provider and manufacturer which integrates R&D, production and sales, we independently make the closed-loop of "AI algorithm + embedded software + hardware manufacturing", and provide high-performance products to the famous domestic and overseas Brands with OEM/ODM service.


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