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What are the optional features of Face Recognition Temperature Measurement system?

Release Time: 2020-10-15

Shenzhen Jieyi Technology Face recognition thermometer has a high-definition camera for non-contact face and an infrared sensor for real-time temperature detection. In the case of detecting normal body temperature, the terminal can access based on facial recognition even if wearing a mask. When an increase in temperature is detected, real-time alarms and readings can be displayed on the screen. They can also be used for anonymous thermal scanning and temperature detection of visitors, customers and people in public places, so that the safety of your workplace and employees are protected.

What are the optional features of the Face recognition temperature measurement system? -Access control temperature measurement option-Shenzhen Jieyi Technology

What are the optional features of the face recognition temperature measurement system? 

Shenzhen Jieyi's face recognition temperature measurement product combines temperature measurement and face recognition technology into one, using face recognition technology to realize digital and intelligent attendance work, and eliminates the cumbersome of employees wearing work cards for magnetic card induction recognition. The collected face photo records can be queried, filtered, summarized and exported through the management background, and combined with temperature measurement records, it can not only help companies complete automated and digital attendance check-ins, but also detect persons with abnormal body temperatures in time and predict the risk of the epidemic in advance .


In addition, you can also add customizable functions according to the actual needs of customers. The functions currently provided by Shenzhen Jieyi Technology's face recognition temperature measurement terminal are:

Fast and non-contact temperature Screening

Mask wearing test

Infection control screening issues

Employee facial recognition

Employee clock in

Real-time alerts for any employees/visitors who fail the screening

Shenzhen Jieyi's face recognition temperature measurement system has flexible and expandable functions. It has a variety of installation methods such as column type, wall type, desktop type, etc., and can be linked with metal security gates, gate access control, and disinfection modules. The upgrade can also support functions such as visitor registration and ID identification. Through the ID card module, read the second-generation ID card information, compare the ID card, and control the access prohibition of gates.


Shenzhen Jieyi's face recognition temperature measurement products can be deployed at the entrances and exits of enterprises, office buildings, workshops, etc., regardless of physical location, and realize the whole process of automatic temperature detection + personnel attendance, without personnel on duty, and administrators only need to pass Use the unified and centralized cloud management backend web page to understand all the basic conditions of personnel entry and exit.


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