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How to realize non-contact temperature measurement?

Release Time: 2018-08-01

Due to the epidemic situation, in order to better control the entry and exit of personnel, many offices at home and abroad conduct temperature inspections and record relevant data information, introduce facial recognition temperature measurement systems, and realize non-contact access control and temperature measurement for personnel entering and exiting places. , Attendance and other functions.

Non-contact temperature measurement? Unlock the application scenario of face recognition <a href= target='_blank'>Time attendance</a> temperature measurement system

Face recognition thermometer

In office scenarios, realize the integrated use of temperature measurement and attendance

Face recognition, temperature measurement and attendance applications can be used in office scenarios such as enterprises and industrial parks, and terminal smart devices are installed. People in office scenarios can use the device to swipe their faces to check attendance and intelligently measure temperature.

The data information of employee attendance and temperature measurement is saved to the management platform in real time by the system, which is convenient for management personnel to view. For personnel with abnormal body temperature, the equipment intercepts and automatically warns in real time, reminding staff for further processing.

Make employees' attendance and temperature measurement faster, reduce the waiting time in line, and avoid crowds gathering together at special times.

In the entrance and exit scene, realize the integrated use of access control and temperature measurement

In the entry and exit scenarios of schools, communities, etc., temperature measurement and access control can also be used in combination, so that personnel can perform temperature measurement while entering and exiting. For example, at the entrance of the school, teachers, students and other employees in the school enter and exit the campus by brushing their faces, while performing face recognition and temperature measurement, which can improve the efficiency of personnel passage.

For high-traffic entering and exiting scenes, the “face-sweeping” access control temperature measurement can identify outsiders in real time, prevent them from entering and leaving the scene at will, and improve the efficiency of personnel temperature detection, avoiding the phenomenon of manual temperature measurement. Effectively control the entry and exit of personnel in the scene, improve the efficiency of personnel temperature checks, and reduce the risk of cross-infection.

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