Face recognition capture camera

Model: C191

Camera lens:2.8-12mm F1.4
Function:Multiple simultaneous identification、Linkage access control
Description:Multi person sensorless AI recognition camera, Face verification + access control linkage + attendance statistics + track analysis



Face recognition capture camera

Core functions

Smart capturing and recognition

Support the detection, tracking, capturing, feature extraction and recognition

Trace analysis and query

Support sorting by time in the record and generate whereabouts trajectory chart based on path lines

Simultaneous recognition of many persons

Support the detection of at most 32 persons and the management of 3 face databases

Linkage access control

Rich and complete access control input and output interfaces, linking access control and gate machine

Multiple parameter settings

Support face area recognition, alarm setting and multiple parameter settings

H.265 compressed encoding

Under the resolution, compressing is fast and code stream is lower with twice the storage duration of H.264

Remote and real-time view

Support the view in multiple terminals such as mobile phone and computers without missing any monitoring moments

Offline entering of faces

Support the original face photos uploaded and adjustable encoding quality of face photos

Generate data statistics

Support regional statistics, statistics of incoming and outgoing persons, employee attendance statistics and report export

Waterproof, dustproof and sun block

IP67 protective design enables waterproof, sun block, and dust proof, suitable for outdoor and indoor environments

Traditional camera VS face recognition camera

Traditional camera

It has only capture function without identity recognition and comparing functions, its image quality is unclear and the monitoring screen cannot be viewed in real time, and it is greatly affected by the light, such as day and night, indoor and outdoor lights, and mode and function are single

Face recognition camera

It connects the face database, and can complete face capture, comparing, clocking-in, track positioning and other functions. 2 million wide dynamic camera has ultra-clear image quality and supports multi-terminal real-time viewing and monitoring of built-in high-efficiency infrared array lamps. Matched with ICR infrared filters, it automatically switches color/black modes, and supports various parameter settings without external influence, such as face area recognition, area shielding, list management, alarm settings, record comparison, etc.

Back-stage management system

Administrative staff can conduct the entry of staff photo information in batches, self-define clocking-in rules, clocking-in data management, access records query, visitor data management, conference sign-in management

Application scenarios

C192 non-inductive face recognition hemispheric camera can be widely applied in offices, schools, factories, parking lots, communities, shopping malls and other places requiring face capturing and recording

Easy placement and flexible installation

By suspending, hanging and various intelligent installation ways, it can be flexibly applied in indoor, outdoor and different installation scenes.

Product functions

Support optional DC 12V/POE power supply

Support Onvif protocol and GB28181

Support digital WDR, 3D digital noise reduction functions

Scan CMOS line by line and capture moving image without sawtooth

Have various white balance modes and fit to the demand of various scenes

Support intelligent coding and 4 areas-of-interest (ROI) at most

Support intelligent control, control alarm switch and clear faults with one button

Support standard 128G Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC card storage

Support intelligent out-of-focus detection and two prompting modes: screen output and associated motion alarm output

Adopt newest H.265+ video compression technology so that compression ratio is high and code stream control is accurate and stable

Built-in automatic day and night double light filter switching mechanism with manual or automatic color to black and multiple switch modes

Highest resolution ratio is 2 million pixels (1920*1080) and the resolution ratio can output 30fps real-time images so that the image is more fluent

Product number: iHD47-2K385-FPS-C08、jHD35-2TJ385-BSS-JH-P0E、iHD26-2K385-BS(S)-M16-4G

Smart capturing and recognitionFace recognition / Motion detecting / Night cision / Access control

Support detection, tracking, capturing, feature extraction and recognitionIP67 protective design enables waterproof and dust proof


Face recognition capture camera Specification

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