2 million thermal imaging temperature measurement camera

Model: C196

Function:Infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement
Description:It can be widely used in scenes that need to detect body temperature in a wide range, and places where body temperature is quickly screened.
Features:Comes with black body, no computer, built-in system


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2 million thermal imaging temperature measurement camera

2 million thermal imaging temperature measurement camera

It can be widely used in scenes that require a wide range of body temperature detection, such as stations, shopping malls, subway stations, schools and other places that need to quickly screen body temperature.


Thermal imaging temperature measurement module pixels up to 256x192

Pixel size 12μm, thermal sensitivity (NETD): ≤60mK (@25℃, F#=1.1)

Non-contact personnel temperature measurement, accuracy: ±0.3℃ (target temperature 30℃~50℃)

human body temperature measurement distance: 1m~4m

Built-in 1080P visible light image sensor

Embedded deep learning algorithm can detect and measure temperature of 20 people at the same time

Visible light: 1920x1080@25fps

Thermal imaging: 256x192@25fps

HDMI output preview audio and video, real-time display of the number of passers-by and abnormal temperature

Built-in EMMC storage, can keep 100,000 temperature measurement records, can use tools to export data to PC

Built-in white light lamp fill light, support abnormal temperature sound alarm

Small and exquisite, exclusively for temperature measuring doors and advertising machines



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